Begin your reflection + connection journey by joining me in the Easy Now Tribe for sisterhood & good stuff galore.

I’m here to guide you in a deep dive Reflection + Connection journey that'll awaken FLOW in your life. 

Allow me to help you realize that you can be the woman you so desire to be. You can feel calm and ease in your life. You can be boundless and live more fully. You can live a deeply connected, mindful lifestyle. And you’ll see how gorgeous it is to live every day with the superpower of flow.

I’m here to encourage you to be fired up every single day to be exactly who you are and relish this exact phase of your life, even if you're craving more. Because you are abundantly blessed.   

Jocelyn has done a superb job offering women tools to connect with themselves and their families. Her openness is refreshing, and she shares her personal story with ease and grace. Jocelyn immediately feels like a trusted friend.”

Ali Katz
Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Best-selling Author of "Hot Mess to Mindful Mom: 40 Ways to Find Balance and Joy in Your Every Day" 

Howdy, Jocelyn Cates here! 

I want to support you in discovering exactly what it is that you want most in your life. To support you in having your biggest dreams realized. To help you put your finger on what it is that’s beckoning you. To remind you to honor your truest self. To guide you in experiencing all the changes that self-reflection, fierce self-love, and renewed inner clarity will bring you.

I want to support you to tap into who you are deep down. The origin of who you truly are. And waking her up. Fully and completely.

I want to support you to thrive and achieve, without sacrificing your well-being or family time.

I want to support you in being happy now, even if you’re striving for more.

I want you to fully allow yourself to be open and ready for amazing things to unfold in your life. I want you to receive more. Because you deserve it all my friend.

When you find yourself slipping back into the spiral o’ overwhelm, remember that you are a powerful creator and (thanks to Jocelyn) you’ve got everything you need to find flow.

Nikki Elledge Brown
Creator, Naptime Empires™ and A Course About Copy®

Here’s what I know. And what I want you to know too.

  • Giving yourself space for self-reflection changes everything
  • Being open to receiving *support *love *miracles *abundance creates boundless opportunities
  • We all have a purpose in this life, and it’s meant to be realized
  • Living your wildest dreams is possible
  • Connection makes the world go round
  • Knowing exactly who you are is an immense gift
  • Owning your flaws and weaknesses make you 100x more authentic and empowered in every way
  • Letting go of judgment of yourself and others is gorgeous Inspiration in action = purposeful living
  • You completely deserve every single thing you want
  • Allowing yourself to fully be guided is transformational in every way
  • FLOW is awakened through Reflection + Connection 
I also know this. I know you’re an incredibly capable, talented, and unique human being. I know that you love with your whole heart. I also know that the core of you is dying to be revealed. I know you want to feel awake in your life. I know that you feel like you’re not really living up to your potential. You feel like your light has been dimmed. I know that you are ready to get it back, for good.. and that my friend, sets my mission on fire. Because, I can help.  

Guiding you in soul shifting Reflection + Connection practices is exactly what I do.

Jocelyn inspires us to explore what we're deeply craving, and connect to what matters most. From that place of connection, you'll expand into all that you're meant to be and the most miraculous life will unfold in front of you."

Natalie MacNeil
Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur and the creator of and
Now’s the time for you to commit to the gorgeous next phase of your life. I’m so excited to connect with you, and support you. A great place to start is with a copy of my Best Selling book, Easy Now, if you haven’t read it yet.

When I want peace, calm, happiness, and inspiration in my life, I turn to my friend Jocelyn Cates.

James Altucher
Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Venture Capitalist, and Podcaster

A Few Extra Tidbits About Me

  • Everything that compels me comes down to my family. They are my muses.
  • I’m an award winning entrepreneur and have raised venture capital for multiple companies (something only .05% of entrepreneurs achieve!).
  • I'm a best-selling Author, speaker, and creator of mini-meditations
  • I’ve been featured in People Magazine (multiple times) which I think is pretty badass. 
  • I’m a champion of women with wild dreams and full plates. 
  • Vibes, energy, and manifesting are very real- and I honor that truth every day of my life. 
  • Without a doubt, my happy place is camping with my family. #RVLife
  • My husband (Joey) is my absolute perfect match. He’s my best friend and a hell of an incredible father and human being.
  • I firmly believe that whatever you deeply desire can be yours. I make a habit of proving that truth.

Jocelyn is truly helping women to reflect, grow, and become more empowered, which is what I teach and how I live daily. She has really got “IT”!

Kelsey Patel
LA's Leading Wellness Empowerment Coach and Reiki Expert

I want to share so much with you my friend. 

I want you to know that you deserve to have everything you want. Not just some of it. And sometimes, you need to hear that you can do it. Whatever it is. You deserve to know that it doesn’t have to be so hard to let it be easy.


Maybe it helps to be told that you don’t need permission to explore what’s possible for you. And you don’t need approval. Maybe it helps to be told that there’s no time like the present to do that thing you crave. To live exactly the way you want to live. To be the person, mother, friend, and partner that you so deeply desire to be. To live BIG. To truly listen to the whispers on your heart for what’s next, and to go. for. it. 

I’m here to support you in all of that, and so much more.

Ready for a deep dive?

Your soul shifting reflection + connection journey awaits!
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