The 6-Week Easy Now Program is an all-in, deep dive, Reflection + Connection journey based on my Best Selling book Easy Now, that will include my guidance to support you in getting clear on what you truly desire, identifying your authentic life vision and goals, and practicing mini-meditations that promote ease, flow, inspired action, deeper connections, and so much more. 

The 6-Week Easy Now Program

Map of what's included in this digital program:  

  • Every week has 3 main components with video modules, free-flow writing practices, guided audio mini-meditations™ and inspired action prompts, all anchored in my unique methodology for tapping into everything you desire through Reflection & Connection. Get ready for deep dives that will challenge you and completely transform your life.
  • Inspired action prompts (i.e. makin' shit happen)
  • A private Facebook tribe for deep and vulnerable digi-connecting during the entire 6-Week Easy Now Program and well beyond
  • Video talks/training/guidance on all things reflection, connection, and finding FLOW
  • Guided mini-meditations to get you in a constant state of allowing and receiving  
  • An awakening of your most authentic self & desires
  • Loads of vibrant, supportive energy
  • (Exclusive) hardback version of my best-selling book Easy Now & the Easy Now Companion Workbook
  • And immeasurable amounts of MORE 
Are you ready to find FLOW? Then keep reading my friend!
Immerse yourself in the 6-Week Easy Now Program if you know deep down that you're ready for self-reflection and discovery. This program is for you if you're ready to say HELL YES to a guided deep dive into more love, more purpose, more ease, more #truth, more growth, more authenticity, more of whatever deeply compels you in this life- whatever that may be. 
If you wanna know what it feels like to be in FLOW, let me be your guide.

This program will have you actively receiving everything you desire like never before. 

The only prerequisites to this program are that you have to be ready and open. If you can say you're both READY and OPEN......then, your awakening is waiting.
Just three payments of $177. Launching January 1, 2018.

The 6-Week Easy Now Program:

Origin of You 
Pre-work comes first. 5 days of mental deep dives designed to help you making space for 6 weeks of ultimate trasformation. This is an epic kick-off of self-knowing and discovery.

Week One: Kill Your Autopilot
Week Two: Let the Lack Pour In
Week Three: The Magic of Declaring Your Ready
Week Four: Relentless Self Love
Week Five: Being Wildly Optimistic
Week Six: Actively Receiving