The Easy Now Podcast

The Easy Now Podcast

Join me for weekly podcast episodes and you’ll have a front row seat for mini-meditations™, thought provoking convos with special guests, guided deep dive reflection and connection practices, and more.

You'll experience new ways to feel really, really good. You'll awaken the core of who you truly are, and learn to choose mindfulness over the madness every day. 

Through these practices and convos, you'll explore your edges, cultivate fierce self-love, and experience lasting inner clarity.


Do you want to feel really, really good?

Do you desire to experience more passion, presence, and purpose in your life?

I'm here to help you reflect & connect, so if you're ready to take a journey within and reclaim back a little of that personal power you've seem to have lost along the way, this is just the place for you.

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Here's what these international best-sellers, podcasters, and all around awesome influencers have to say...


Natalie MacNeil

Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur and the creator of and

"Jocelyn inspires us to explore what we're deeply craving, and connect to what matters most. From that place of connection, you'll expand into all that you're meant to be and the most miraculous life will unfold in front of you."

ali #2

Ali Katz

Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Best-selling Author 

"Jocelyn has done a superb job offering women tools to connect with themselves and their families.Her openness is refreshing, and she shares her personal story with ease and grace. Jocelyn immediately feels like a trusted friend.”


James Altucher

Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Venture Capitalist, and Podcaster.

"When I want peace, calm, happiness, and inspiration in my life, I turn to my friend Jocelyn Cates."

WEB Nikki_plus-3435r

Nikki Elledge Brown

Creator, Naptime Empires™ and A Course About Copy®

"When you find yourself slipping back into the spiral o’ overwhelm, remember that you are a powerful creator and (thanks to Jocelyn) you’ve got everything you need to find flow."

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Take a time out from the meaningless distractions of life, and make valuable space for yourself.

The Easy Now Podcast is about guiding you back home to the origin of YOU. To offer you reflection & connection practices that reveal the purpose that you seek and awaken flow in your life!

You owe it to yourself to dive in, my friend.

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